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WARNING: Not for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk!

Hello students of the game!

I remember many years ago the DRF website...fairly new at the time, had a community where horse players could gather. A place where everyone was an expert. Everyone was a winner. Everyone was a high roller. The handles were memorable.

I'll spare you.

But one individual stands out to this day. I don't know who he was, and I cannot be sure he was on the level, although I think he was. His point of view was a simple one: racing is fixed!

AND...(this is the best part)...there is a secret language that the 'insiders' know. This racing 'code' told you, the insider, who to bet. And when. A sort of T
horoughbred Da' Vinci code
. Well, after all these years...I think I have cracked it. It is quite simple, and really, genius. Let me give you an elementary example:

It is May 5th and you are sitting in the Arlington grandstand. You look like an ordinary horseplayer. Maybe you have a hotdog on the seat next to you, your marked up DRF is in your lap, you are enjoying a beautiful May day at the track. It is 10 minutes to race 5 post time and you look at the following lineup, trying to deduce the exacta:

1 1 J Evans
2 2 Sacred Range
3 3 Rafale (GB)
4 4 Sgt. Major Ross
5 5 Cadcam
6 6 My Jokester
7 7 My Contender

O.K., so this is a shamefully easy example. While the entire racing world is throwing money at the favorite Rafale, you know better. Because you know that the secret language of racing is at work here. Your personal ticket to the winners circle. Figure it out yet? No?

My, My. As in My Jokester and My Contender. That is why they are there, folks. And this is what that guy all those years ago was talking about.
Racing's Da' Vinci code
. At work!

The 7-6 exacta paid $63.00.

O.K., you think I'm kidding...right? Here is another simple example. It is 5 days later, and you are sitting in the exact same seat because you hit that 7-6 exacta 50 times and you're not changing nuthin'! You got that same hot dog and the DRF is sitting there in front of you, open to race 8. You have spent 20 minutes figuring pace for this 1 & 1/16 mile starter allowance and you are getting nowhere. Handicapping principles are falling left and right. It is now just a minute before post and this is what you see:

1 Hungry Wildcat
2 Switching to Glide
3 Name Dropper
4 Nic the Quick
5 Musicstreet Menace
6 Codeword (IRE)
7 Silver Rock Star
8 Nolangrant'skitten
9 Part'n Parcel
10 Charging Home
11 Pedrolino
12 Paisano Creek

OK, so the exacta please? C'mon, c'mon. Nothing to do with Mickey Rivers, either. They are going to the post. NO? Wait...Then, you get it. Nolangrant'skitten & Hungry Wildcat. Must be and worth a shot.

The old feline play. As old as racing itself. When you see two felines in the same race...they don't have to be of the same type, it's a go. But you must know that cross breeding between wildcats and house cats has occurred throughout almost the entirety of the species' range. That is what make this exacta possible.

Paid $202.20!

So you see where I'm going with this? Of course, I know you are not convinced, but what the hell do I care what you think? I mean, you believed the Mayans!!! All around us are mysteries unsolved, dimensions unseen, meanings undefined. It seems to me that racing has figured out a perfect language that only insiders know, and I'm going to show you how it works. Now the exacta is only one way that the code helps those in the know take your money. But the code enables sharp players to score playing other types of wagers. I'm going to show you a daily double, once again from Arlington Park that hit on 5/18. Here are the entries for races 9 and 10. See if you can figure out what the 'racing gods' are trying to tell you:

Race 9

1 1 Age of Aquarius
2 2 Lil Miss Richie
3 3 Carolina Cruisin'
4 4 Ann Accolade
5 5 Lydia's Angel
6 6 Miss Darla
7 7 Stay Foolish
8 8 Bye Bye Bunting
9 9 Scorpiobdancing

and now race 10

1 9 She's Intoxicated
1A 11 My Place Or Yours
2 1 Sweet Harp
3 2 Three Cat Rules
4 3 Sharp
5 4 Glad It's May
6 5 Little Miss Be
7 6 Betterlegsonatabl
8 7 Spring Formal
9 8 Astral
10 10 Take What You Can

Well, maybe this time you got a bit closer. There is really only one possibility: Lil Miss Richie & Little Miss Be. I mean, you want it handed to you on a silver platter? Well...here it is: a short form English prefix daily double that paid $156.80. And you thought you needed speed figs when all you need is a Webster's dictionary!

So here were 3 simple forms of secret communication that the racing gods use to clue in those in the "know".

Now that you are clued in too, let us go back to the exacta. Here is a race from Arlington that ran on 5/26. It was race 1. See if you can figure out the exacta:

1 1 Queen of Scioto
2 2 Arrested by Duffy
3 3 Electric Boat
4 4 Let It Rain
5 5 A. J.'s Love
6 6 Queen for Life
7 7 Ancient Eyes

So this one is soooo easy. Shamefully easy. Your 5 year old daughter would know this. In fact, so many people played the 6-1 exacta it only paid $23.40. So now that you have a handle on the exacta, let's go back to the daily double. Scope it out and see if you can do it. It is race 6 on 5-27 at Arlington Park. You want to play the double. Here are the entries for races 6 and 7:

Race 6
1 1 One for Biscuit
2 2 Buddy's Bid
3 3 Exotic Wildcat
4 4 Perfect Casting
5 5 Gavilan
6 6 Bingorun
7 7 Grand Silver
8 8 Daddyspentdamoney
9 9 Denim

Race 7
1 1 Candy Bites
2 2 Hughes the Daddy
3 3 Razman
4 4 Strong Response
5 5 Card
6 6 Tallahatchie Luke
7 7 Next Speaker
8 8 Chatfield Road
9 9 Chucks Turn

See how easy it is? Sure you do! The 8-2 daddy daily double paid 72.40. That ain't chump change. And it ain't your daddy's $72.40 either.

O.K., then. So let's get one that is a lil' harder, shall we? It is a 6 furlong allowance at Arapahoe Park, and you want to play the exacta. Check out the entries. What would you play?



Not only should it be obvious by now, but they are right next to each other. THAT, my friends...is a slap in the face to the losers. Which excludes you, naturally. because you saw it right away.

Manners, manners...and ladies first! That's right. The 5-4 exacta of TTT Tiny Tina & Lil Wayne paid $66.80. Folks...size DOES matter!

Now, one of my favorites. This one is great. And it shows just how cunning the 'racing gods' can be. And just how sneaky racing's
Da' Vinci Code

We are at Belmont Park. yes...New York, New York. If you can make it here...well anyway, check this out. It is race # 1 on May 3, 2013 and you are looking to start the day with a double. O.K., so here are the entries for the first two races:

Race 1

1 1 My Bella Beauty
2 2 Currency Union
3 3 Sweet Sway
4 4 Sister City
5 5 Lurabell
6 6 Run a Dubb Dubb

Race # 2

1 1 Madgi
2 2 Sister State
3 3 Make It Anywhere
4 4 Previous
5 5 Street Beauty

So, I can hear you stuttering. No freakin' way. Right? Wrong, Chobani breath! Because the double of Sister City/Sister State paid $16.20. Not much. But then, it's New York. Why do you think they can make it anywhere?

Here is another NY special. On 5-17, a State Bred race had the following lineup:

1 1 Lumineuse
2 2 Don't Hook My Halo
3 3 Palace Dreams
4 4 Therapy
5 5 Pie's First Lady
6 6 Shake Senora
7 7 Wild Frances
8 8 McGillycuddy's Gal
9 9 Hot Rendezvous
10 10 Ready for Therapy

Now, first a hint. The hint is that it is a NY Bred race and you need to be familar with NY breeding. The next hint is the character Hugo Z. Hackenbush in the Marx Brothers movie A Day at the Races.

Got it? Yes! Both ends of the exacta were by Freud. Ready for Therapy / Therapy paid $44.80.


And how about May 30 when Bushie and Bushwacked paid $37.80!

In fact, Slew had two horses that placed and showed on 5-30 at Belmont. Slew's horse in this race was Film Shot. Here is what the results looked like:

# HORSE         JOCKEY                 WIN    PLACE   SHOW
5 Hangover      Kid I. Ortiz, Jr.      $23.60 $10.60 $5.00
6 Film Shot     E. Prado                       $7.10 $4.00
3 Screenplay    J. Espinoza                          $3.10

Filmshot and Screenplay. Are you kidding...Mr. DeMille? And do you know what the trifecta paid? How about this:

$2 Trifecta (5-6-3) Paid: $363.00


Well, congratulations! You have completed the class on racing's "secret code". As with any course of this level, you must pass a final exam to continue. I suggest you refrain from all wagering and handicapping activity until such time as your grade is a passing one. You may take this test up to 3 times. If you do not pass by then, you can still eat hot dogs but must cease all horse wagering and handicapping activity immediately and take up a new interest. Badminton anyone?

So...here goes...and good luck!

Question #1:

You are at Canterbury Park on 5/17. It is race 3. You have 17 apples, 12 oranges and $14 in your pocket. Race 2 is a cheap claimer with 7 horses. With the all button in race 2,you need 2 singles in race 3 & 4 for a successful pick 3.

Here are the entrants for those races:

Race 3
1 1 Patriate
2 2 Swiss G's
3 3 Seattle Sal
4 4 Already There
5 5 No Crossing Lane
6 6 Marathon Moon
7 7 Backtrack
8 8 King of Rhythm

Race # 4
1 1 Cap and Trade
2 2 Talk About Me
3 3 Bleu Moon Magic
4 4 Tapitintime
5 5 Talkin Bout
6 6 Amazingly Karen
7 7 Somerset Ballerina
8 8 Chile Win

The pick 3 paid $200.90. Who won the last two legs?

Question # 2

You are at Calder on 6/2 and praying for the exacta in race 2. Here are the entrants:

Race # 2
1 1 Cambiata
2 2 Jill's Reflection
3 3 Proverbs Thirtyone
4 4 Follow My Luck
5 5 My Novena
6 6 Holy Day
7 7 Karen's Wildcat

Now, be careful. This is a bit of a trick question. The exacta paid $38.40. Who do you use as an exacta box in this race?

Question # 3

Back to Calder. it is 5/31 and you are playing race #5. Once again, you are playing the exacta. Here are the horses:

Race #5
1 1 No Calcetines
2 2 Gold Man
3 3 My Big News
4 4 Treasures Image
5 5 Dangerous Brew
6 6 Financial Pathway
7 7 Luigi Q
8 8 Solicitation
9 MTO Gold Vegas
10 AE Big Bentley
11 AE Wat
12 AE Concorde County
13 AE Revere's Ride
14 AE Jim N John

The race stayed on the turf and the exacta paid $57.60. Who do you play in the exacta?

Question # 4

Here is a history question. It is Canterbury Park on 5/18. Here are the horses for race #3:

Race #3
1 1 Smokin Mojo
2 2 This Guy
3 3 Blothefeld Away
4 4 Candy Can Do
5 5 Union Buster
6 6 Star Searcher
7 7 Eighteen Wheels
8 8 Forest Colors
9 9 Dakota Smokey

You are going to play the exacta box which paid $33.00. DO NOT fall for the trap here. Which horses do you use, good buddy?

Question #5

Here is a more esoteric example of racing's
Da' Vinci code
at work. It is May 4 at Calder. You are soaking up the sunshine and looking at race 8. You got some cash in your pocket and lookin' to play the exacta. Here are the horses:

1 1 Mize the Big Cat
2 2 Well Read
3 3 Avie's Pegasus
4 4 Calpullec
5 5 Flyin Trey
6 6 Include Traci
7 7 Brave Apache
8 8 Run Smart One

The exacta paid $32.60. You had it. Which two horses did you use?


This one is a tough one, and I don't expect all of you, or maybe any of you to get it. That is why it is offered as extra credit. Here goes:

You are at Canterbury Park on 5/31. It is race 3. You have 14 cows, 3 pigs, and 27 goats,. You are playing the exacta which paid $57.00. Here are the horses:

1 1 Setnmupknocknmdown
2 2 Model Citizen
3 3 Mack's Tiger Paw
4 4 In Jeopardy
5 5 Private Warrior
6 6 Resist
7 7 Finding Candy
8 8 Evert
9 9 Common Sense
10 10 Soul Sacrifice
11 11 Wild Student

Which two horses, and in what order, made up the exacta in this race?

The horses please???

Well...time is up. All answers can be found in the DRF or Equibase results.

Put down your pencils and hand in your papers. And the next time you handicap...bring your dictionary AND Little Orphan Annie decoder ring!

It's post time!

Good luck and good 'capping!

- Slew

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